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So You Have a LGBTQI+ Identified Youth In Your Home, Now What?

About the Course

For foster parents, caregivers or caseworkers committed to supporting a youth who identifies as LGBTQI+, the course "So you have a youth who identifies as LGBTQI+ - Now What?" will be a tremendous resource. This course empowers participants with a deep understanding, empathy, and the confidence to navigate this path effectively.

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding LGBTQI+ Definitions: Gain insight into the various terminologies and identities within the LGBTQI+ community, thereby promoting an inclusive environment that recognizes each individual's right to self-identity.

2. Child Welfare League of America and Lambda Legal Initiative: Examine the collaboration between CWLA and Lambda Legal, which focuses on safeguarding the rights and meeting the specific requirements of LGBTQI+ youths in foster care.

3. Reflection on Personal Perceptions: Participate in reflective activities aimed at examining your own perspectives on gender identity and sexual orientation, particularly around non-heterosexual children and families. This introspection encourages an empathetic caregiving approach.

4. Understanding LGBTQI+ Youth in Foster Care: Become familiar with the distinctive issues and realities LGBTQI+ youths face in foster care, gaining the knowledge needed to provide effective support and advocacy.

5. Strategies for Care and Support: Discover actionable methods for fostering, guiding, and supporting LGBTQI+ youths, ensuring they receive the necessary care and acceptance to prosper.

6. Resources and Community Services: Learn about the extensive support available, from local service providers to assistance programs, enhancing the support you can offer to LGBTQI+ youths and their integration into supportive community networks.

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