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Izza Balaoro

Technology Consultant

Izza Balaoro is a remarkable individual, hailing from the beautiful Philippines. She is a graduate of De La Salle University - Dasmariñas, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Business Administration. With a solid educational foundation, she embarked on a career path that showcased her diverse talents and skills.

Since 2022, Izza has excelled as a Workflow Automation Technician, harnessing her expertise in CRM and automation tools. Her role as an Assistant Unit Manager in the Insurance Industry has further enriched her professional journey, demonstrating her ability to balance multiple responsibilities with finesse. Additionally, her five-year tenure in Building Operation Management has provided her with invaluable experience and insight.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Izza's life takes on an artistic dimension as a Professional Dance Artist. Her dedication to this creative endeavor has cultivated her innate sense of collaboration and teamwork, allowing her to contribute effectively to the achievement of team and organizational goals.

In 2023, Izza reached new heights by joining the prestigious Presidential Consultants team as a Tech Support Consultant - Database Administrator and Workflow Automation Strategist. In this esteemed role, she has been instrumental in streamlining workflows and implementing automation solutions, ensuring optimal efficiency in the team's work requirements and overall development.

Izza Balaoro's journey is a testament to her multifaceted abilities and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her combination of business acumen, technological expertise, and artistic flair makes her a truly inspiring and invaluable asset in any professional setting.

Izza Balaoro
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