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History of Presidential Consultants

Presidential Consultants was founded in 2000 by CEO & Chief Training Officer Anthony President with the belief that there is no knowledge that is not power.  Anthony believed that if he could use the hard-earned lessons growing up in inner city Cleveland, Ohio, he could empower others to live better, fuller, happier lives.  Due to Mr. President’s drive, expertise and notoriety as a nationally sought-after speaker, industry expert and best-selling author in the social services arena, success came quickly to Presidential Consultants.  Originally launched as a boutique training and development company, Presidential Consultants served government, social service and educational institutions by providing highly interactive, evidence-based training for frontline workers, management and executives.


Within a few short years, after evidencing clear behavioral and cultural changes, receiving glowing reviews from staff and leadership and with documented results recorded by his clients, Presidential Consultants had become the # 1 human services training firm in the State of Ohio, earning several awards from state and local governments along the way. 

As the firm’s audiences and accolades grew, the offerings and training staff have also been expanded to meet the growing demand of corporate clients who seek integrated learning solutions that affect real change within their organizations.

Headquartered just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Presidential Consultants supports corporate, government and nonprofit clients throughout the United States as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Empowering Employees

You want a training and coaching partner who is engaging, effective and produces measurable results.  That’s the core of what we do at Presidential Consultants.  From a boutique agency in Cleveland, Ohio, we have grown to become a national leader in building better workplaces through award-winning, evidence-based training and coaching solutions. Using tools like our proprietary Corporate C.A.T. Scan™ (Culture, Attitudes and Triggers) system, we get a cross-sectional look into the pervasive attitudes and behaviors that are the true markers of your organization’s overall health.  Armed with this insight, as well as your organizational objectives and core values, the customized training and coaching solution developed for your organization will have an immediate and transformational impact on your staff, customers and community stakeholders.  

Business Meeting

The market changes.  Customers change.  Priorities change.  At Presidential Consultants, we build better workplaces by using these natural inflection points as a driving force to help your organization lead, serve and work better.  At the foundation of our methodology is the Cycle of Continuous Improvement ™. 

The Cycle of Continuous Improvement ™: Core Curriculum

Connecting.  Competency Building.  Coaching.  Culture.

We start by helping your employees better connect with the company’s vision, with each other and with themselves.  With that clarity, we support the development of systems that build up competencies in current roles and fill identified skills gaps throughout the organization.  A more highly skilled workforce allows us to begin formalizing mechanisms for coaching current leaders as well as identifying emerging leaders.  This alignment, fortification and leadership development breeds a culture that is bold, inclusive, competitive and poised for the future.    

Each of the four Core Curricula houses two learning tracks, dozens of courses and hundreds of modules.  Each module is developed to stand alone and to deliver core competencies necessary to impact organizational success in a 60 minute block.  Each course is made up of several modules and provides comprehensive training from 3 hours to 3 days depending upon your organization’s unique needs. 


These courses are highly interactive, in-depth with built-in systems for implementation and accountability.  Courses also come with a customized guidebook to help your team capture, recall and activate the learning.  Modules can be combined among courses, learning tracks and curricula allowing for an individualized learning path at various levels within your organization.    

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