Course Catalogue

Addressing and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Bags of $$ After Graduation: Money and Credit When Parents Are Not Paying
Be BOLD Enough: A Framework for Inspired Leaders in Diversity
Be Here NOW!: Mindfulness in the School Building & Beyond
Being Beautifully Disruptive in the School Building
Black Children and the Achievement Gap Myth
Boredom, Loneliness, and Apathy
Bouncing Back from Drama and Trauma: Helping At-Risk Teens Build Resiliency
Choose You!: Reignite Your Passion for Teaching & for Life
Clinical Documentation for Behavioral Health Providers: Writing Effective Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, and More
Cultural Competence with an African-centered Approach
Cultural Humility
Differential Diagnosis
Emotional Regulation
Engaging LGBTQ+ Youth
Everyday Ethics for Foster Parents
Everyday Ethics for School Staff
Examining Unconventional and Mischaracterized Trauma Expressions in Black Males
Fostering Connectedness and SEL
Giving Yourself a Tune-Up: Keeping Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in Mission-Ready Condition
Grief, Loss, and Trauma
Helping Them Stick in the Time of, "I Quit!"
Inequality, Systemic Racism, and Disparity Impacts on the Behavioral Health of our Clients
Intersectionality: Understanding Subgroups
Iron Will Wellness
Lessons in Microaggressions
Officer Wellness: Recognizing and Responding to Distress
Practice in Action: Supporting Trauma-Exposed Youth
Reducing Racism at Schools: A New Paradigm for the 4 Rs of Education
Set a Goal & Go for It!
Sometimes Life Goes Left: What to Do When Things Go Wrong
The Cost of "-isms"
The Cost of "-isms" on Kids
The Hidden Self: Exploring Implicit Bias
The Impact of Racial Trauma in Behavioral Health
Trauma 101
Trauma 101: Understanding Trauma-Exposed Youth
What is Culture?: The Impact of Culture on Me and Those I Serve