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Course Catalogue

From leadership development and diversity to workplace wellness and safety, we provide solutions for helping professionals to get better, give better and make the world better.

360 SAFETY:  Keeping Staff Safe by Helping Clients Feel Secure
A Vision for Diversity: Equity Is Key in Post-COVID Educational Recovery
Achieving Permanency Through Roundtables, Values, and Caregivers
Addressing Microaggressions in Helping Professions
Addressing and Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Advocating for Children with Special Needs
Baby, Sister, and Me: A Plea to Keep Siblings Connected
Bags 💰 after Grad 🎓: Money and Credit When Parents Aren't Paying
Be BOLD Enough: A Framework for Inspired Leaders in Diversity
Be Here NOW! Mindfulness at Work
Be Here NOW! Mindfulness in the School Building & Beyond
Being Beautifully Disruptive in the School Building
Black Children and the Achievement Gap Myth
Boost Student Mental Health Through Hip-Hop Social Work
Boredom, Loneliness, and Apathy
Bouncing Back from Drama and Trauma: Helping At-Risk Teens Build Resiliency
Building a Habit of Cultural Humility
Burners, Gats, and Straps: Understanding Youth Gun Violence
Calming the Chaos: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot!
Caring For Children & Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma
Choose You!: Reignite Your Passion for Teaching & for Life
Clinical Documentation for Behavioral Health Providers: Writing Effective Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, and More
Combating Compassion Fatigue through Self-Care for Foster Parents
Combatting Compassion Fatigue
Communicate to Better Relate with Teens
Creating Inclusive School Communities: Nine Essential Elements for Meaningful Inclusion
Creating a Habit of Cultural Humility for Caregivers
Creating a N.E.S.T. of Support for the Trauma-Exposed Student
Cultural Competence Tools Foster Parents Can Use
Cultural Competence with an African-centered Approach
Cultural Humility
Diagnosis vs. Abilities
Differential Diagnosis
Domestic Violence Impact on Children
Drop Those R.O.C.K.S: A Workplace Wellness Retreat
Dynamic Discipline for Foster Parents
Educational Advocacy IEPs and Parents Rights
Effectively Working with CASA/GALs
Emotional Intelligence for Educators
Emotional Permanence for Kids in Care
Emotional Regulation
Engaging LGBTQ+ Youth
Engaging Primary Families: Strategies to Support Successful Reunification
Everyday Ethics for Foster Parents
Everyday Ethics for School Staff
Examining Unconventional and Mischaracterized Trauma Expressions in Black Males
Filtering the Noise from Young Hood Boys
Financial Preparation and Support for Foster Youth
Fostering Connectedness and SEL
Fostering Stress Management Success
From Bullying to Befriending: Changing the Culture of Bullying
Gangs, Cliques, and Crews: Understanding Gangs and Youth
Get Yours, Go for Goal!
Getting Teens Ready for the World of Work
Girls, Mother Wounds, and Delinquent Behaviors
Giving Yourself A Tune-Up: Keeping Your Mind, Body & Spirit In Mission-Ready Condition
Hard Target: Keeping Kids S.A.F.E. in Cyberspace
Hate Bangin': Understanding Hate Groups and Gangs in Ohio
Helping Teens Build Resilience: Bouncing Back from Drama and Trauma
Helping Them Stick in the Time of, "I Quit!"
Home Invasion: Overcoming Media Madness
Impacting Visitation for Success
Inequality, Police Brutality, and Systemic Racism: Tough Conversations with Your Kids
Inequality, Systemic Racism, and Disparity Impacts on the Behavioral Health of our Clients
Inspire, Align, Thrive: Leadership Excellence
Iron Will Wellness
Keepin' It In The Family: The Unique Issues of Kinship Care
Leading through Change
Lessons in Microaggressions
Life After Incest and Child Sexual Abuse
Live It, Learn It, Love It: Making Education Matter to the Failing Student
Loving Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Youth
Mislabeled, Misdiagnosed, or Misunderstood?: African American Boys and Special Education
Narrative Healing: Empowerment Through Storytelling
Normalcy and The Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard
Normalcy is the Way to Be: Helping Youth through Life Skills
Normalcy, Generation Z, and Transition to the World of Work
Officer Wellness: Recognizing and Responding to Distress
Out of the Box: Breaking the Box of Hyper-Masculinity
Parenting The Trauma-Exposed Youth
Parenting the African American Incest and Child Sexual Abuse Survivor
Parenting the Children of People Who Misuse Substances
Placement Stability through Flexibility
Power Negotiation for Foster Parents
Practice in Action: Supporting Trauma-Exposed Youth
Presuming Competence: How Do You Know That They Can’t Do It?
Put the Hothead to Bed, Manage their Anger Instead
Realize it is Time to Empathize in Child Welfare
Reducing Racism at Schools: A New Paradigm for the 4 Rs of Education
Safe Zone: Shaping LGBTQIA+ Support with Cultural Proficiency
Set a Goal & Go for It!
Severed Ties, Separate Lives: Children Living Apart from their Parents
So You Have a LGBTQI+ Identified Youth In Your Home, Now What?
Sometimes Life Goes Left: What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Street Drugs and Home Highs: Teens and the New Drug Epidemic
Stress Management Essential for Foster Parents
Stress Management for Foster Parents
Successful Engagement with LGBTQI+ Families and Youth
Successful Transcultural Parenting: Dealing with the Dynamics of Difference
Sugar & Spice but Not Always Nice: Understanding Girls & Delinquency
Supporting Children & Youth Who Are Sexual Abuse Survivors
THE OTHER IQ:  Using Cultural Intelligence To Improve Organizational Outcomes
Take a Break!: The Importance of Media Brownouts
Tattoo Youth: Sporting Ink May Mean More Than You Think
Teaming with the Parentified Child
Teens and Aggression
The Adoption is Final... Real Life Kicks In
The Cost of "-isms"
The Cost of "-isms" on Kids
The Dangerous Games Kids Play
The Effects of Fostering
The Hidden Self: Exploring Implicit Bias
The Impact of Racial Trauma in Behavioral Health
Time & Stress Management in Foster Care
Total Time Management for Foster Parents
Trauma 101: Understanding Trauma-Exposed Youth
Trauma Basics
Trauma Triggers in Youth
Trauma-Informed Discipline: What Caregivers Need to Know
Understanding Autism
Understanding Child Sexual Abuse
Understanding Compassion Fatigue
Understanding Critical Incident Stress for Foster Parents
Understanding Culture and Diversity
Understanding Human Trafficking
Understanding Mental Health Disparities for Kids in Care
Understanding Muslim and Middle Eastern Families
Understanding Ohio Foster Youth Rights
Understanding Reactive Attachment Disorder
Understanding the IEP Process
Understanding the MS-13 Gang in Ohio
Understanding the Stages Of Child Development
Watch What They P.L.A.Y.: Media Violence and Delinquency
What is Culture?: The Impact of Culture on Me and Those I Serve
When Aggression is Their Profession: Strategies for Youth Struggling With Aggression
When Worlds Collide: Teaming with the Hostile Birth Parent
Who Should I Be: Issues in Transracial Placement
Workplace Wellness Series
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