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Culturally Informed Conversations for Effective Community PartnershipS

A Mini-Course for Educators

Building a Collaborative Educational Community

Creating a collaborative educational environment builds a community of caring individuals who are all working toward one common goal: increasing positive outcomes for students.

Whether partnering with local businesses, community leaders, school administration, or parents and caregivers, collaboration in education can benefit everyone invested in the success of Ohio's youth.

Download Your Guide: Culturally Informed Conversations for Effective Community Partnerships

Our free mini-course, "Culturally Informed Conversations for Effective Community Partnerships: A Leader's Guide to Building Stronger Educational Collaborations," is packed with practical tips and strategies to help you foster meaningful connections and successful collaborations.


Complete the form on the right for an immediate download, begin your journey towards stronger, more effective community partnerships today, and enhance your school's success. You will be equipped with the tools to create powerful partnerships that recognize and honor the value of inclusion in building a supportive educational environment.


In this guide, you'll discover:

- The importance and advantages of collaboration in education.

- The essential ingredients of culturally informed successful collaborations.

- The common reasons why collaborations fail and how to avoid them.

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