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A Vision for Diversity: Equity Is Key in Post-COVID Educational Recovery

About the Course

We have long known the value of diversity in schools, however the pandemic has placed a glaring spotlight on the impact of policies that have perpetuated inequities in our schools and on the outcomes for our students.  The research is clear:  Post-Pandemic recovery is not possible without the diversity of thought, experiences and culture that often drives equity.   

In this workshop, we’ll be empowering a new wave of educational champions — champions for student achievement, champions of educational excellence, and most importantly, champions of equal access for all.  By creating an inspiring vision for diversity within the school, educational leaders will put our schools in a position to emerge from the pandemic stronger, more equitable and best able to support all of our students.      

Learning Objectives

1. School leaders will learn why they must have a vision before there can be diversity.

2. School leaders will understand why it takes boldness to create a culture of diversity in schools.

3. School leaders will walk away with a B.O.L.D. framework that will empower and encourage them to create their own vision of diversity no matter how many or how few they lead at school.

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