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Be BOLD Enough: A Framework for Inspired Leaders in Diversity

About the Course

For the past decade, despite tremendous efforts and millions of dollars invested, DEI initiatives have largely failed at companies across America. Research data shows that intellectualized, shame based, check-the-box systems around diversity have largely resulted in workplaces with even less diversity, more animosity, and little change.

"Equality requires more than an institutional commitment; it must be driven by commitment and belief and heart at the individual level. By every person, in every part of the firm" said Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager. We couldn't agree more.

Be BOLD Enough provides a framework to support inspired leaders who are truly committed to transforming their corporate cultures. Using this framework, leaders can create a workplace where diversity is the culture, wellness is that culture's foundation, and every individual is inspired and empowered to drive towards this future.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will move beyond initiatives that will bring different people into their population.

2. Participants will understand how they can inspire their diverse population to impact our world and live more of their organization's vision in the process.

3. Participants will learn the most likely reasons their diversity efforts aren't leading to diversity.

4. Participants will understand the benefits of forgoing diversity "tactics" and learn what truly transforms our workplaces.

5. Participants will walk away with a framework that will empower and encourage them to go beyond the initiative at hand and get to the issue at heart.

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