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Boost Student Mental Health Through Hip-Hop Social Work

About the Course

Can hip-hop heal trauma-exposed youth?  Can rap music be therapeutic? Is Hip-Hop Social Work a credible area of practice? 

This workshop takes an exploratory view of the appeal of hip-hop culture and the positive impact of the culture on the healing process of youth.  We will explore the themes of survival, triumph and strength that form the basic ethos that hip-hop culture was founded on and discuss how those themes can be used to support students in the aftermath of the pandemic.  After this workshop, participants will never view hip-hop culture the same. 

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will know the origins of hip-hop culture and the four basic elements that make up the culture and the influence the culture has on

2. Participants will understand the impact of hip-hop culture on healing and coping with emotional trauma.

3. Participants will be able to identify the negative aspects of hip-hop culture and the ill effects on trauma-exposed youth.

4. Participants will know strategies to obtain cultural relativism towards hip-hop culture.

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