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Calming the Chaos: Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot!

About the Course

When you are a helping professional, a routine client interaction can quickly and unexpectedly become a firestorm of negative emotions. Our worst (and often the most natural) reaction is to fire back in defense, matching the client's negative emotion.

In this workshop, participants will learn exactly what they can do as a client interaction gets out of hand and a situation needs to be diffused. As a participant, you will walk away from this workshop armed with self-regulation strategies that allow you to remain centered while using de-escalation tactics to help clients regain calm.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will understand why clients may become angry, aggressive or combative.

2. Participants will use strategies to help regulate themselves while supporting angry or aggressive clients.

3. Participants will use de-escalation strategies to help work through conflict with clients and help them regain calm.

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