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Caring For Children & Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma

About the Course

In the course, "Caring For Children & Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma," caregivers will acquire invaluable insights and practical tools to address the multifaceted challenges posed by children and youth who have experienced trauma.  A child’s traumatic experiences can exert a profound influence, affecting both the children and those responsible for their care. This training program is thoughtfully designed to equip caregivers with the knowledge and strategies necessary to provide trauma-informed care.

Throughout this workshop, participants will gain profound insights into the impact of trauma on children's development and functioning. They will develop a keen understanding of how trauma influences a child's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Caregivers will also learn practical strategies to create a nurturing environment that encourages children and youth to express their fears and feelings openly. Moreover, we'll address the crucial topic of secondary trauma among caregivers, equipping your team to safeguard their well-being while providing trauma-informed care. This course promises to be an invaluable resource for your foster caregivers, enhancing their ability to support and nurture the children in your agency.

Learning Objectives

Identify the ways in which traumatic experiences can affect children & youth development and functioning.

Demonstrate understanding of the coping responses, strengths, and protective factors that can increase resiliency and promote a positive post-trauma adjustment for children & youth.

Develop strategies to help children & youth feel safe in expressing their fears and feelings.

Recognize the potential for parents, caregivers, and caseworkers to experience secondary trauma from working with and caring for children and youth who have experienced trauma.

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