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Combatting Compassion Fatigue

About the Course

Compassion fatigue, a form of phycological stress, can spread like a toxin in your organization, impacting leaders, workers and the people you serve.  Compassion fatigue hinders problem solving, decision making and critical thinking — putting your organization and its mission further at risk in an already tenuous economic environment. 

In our post-pandemic world, it is paramount that people in the helping professions get support to fight compassion fatigue.  The phycological, emotional and social wellness of our professionals is under attack as they witness clients, co-workers and their community struggle. All of this while they simultaneously experience their own personal pandemic-related challenges. 

In this workshop, participants will learn to develop and strengthen an organizational culture that collectively combats compassion fatigue.  Participants will leave armed with your organization’s Power 5 Plan - the 5 daily workplace habits that lead to the psychological, emotional and social wellness required for continued success.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the dynamics of compassion fatigue and how it adversely impacts job performance and workplace morale.

2. Discover how to identify if they or a team member may be suffering from compassion fatigue.

3. Create an individualized mitigation plan that offers practical support for combatting compassion fatigue.

4. Develop skills to cultivate a culture of psychological, emotional and social wellness for themselves, their co-workers and team members.

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