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Creating Inclusive School Communities: Nine Essential Elements for Meaningful Inclusion

About the Course

How can inclusion for children with disabilities and learning differences be defined?  It can be defined as a feeling of true membership that all are welcomed, that every child feels like they are part of the group, and they get what they need to learn and belong. 

This workshop deals with 9 pathways to inclusion that supportive parents, caregivers and educators can use to work together in creating inclusive opportunities for every child to learn, engage, and grow.  Participants will be empowered to help advocate for closing learning gaps that impede the learning and achievement of children with disabilities and learning differences through useful tools such as assistive technology, mobility tools, inclusive play, and many more.   

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will understand the purpose of inclusive education that is designed for the benefit of every child.

2. Participants will define inclusion and opportunities for growth and change in the educational setting.

3. Participants will identify key components that support equity and independence for children with disabilities.

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