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Cultural Humility

About the Course

Those in the helping professions of Education, Health Care and Social Services often support diverse populations that may have cultural backgrounds different from their own. It is imperative that helping professionals build a bridge of understanding to better communicate and relate to a broad range of clients.

Cultural humility is a tool that allows helping professionals to explore the culture of others as they explore themselves. Cultural humility is achieved through respect, open mindedness and a willingness to learn about diversity. This workshop explores the dynamics of cultural humility and how it can help bridge the gap between staff and diverse clients.

Learning Objectives

- Participants will define cultural humility.

- Participants will list microaggressions/microinvalidations and microassaults that could occur in their field and understand the impact on those targeted.

- Participants will understand the dynamic nature of cultural humility which involves self-reflection & self-examination.

- Participants will examine potential barriers to achieving cultural humility with their staff and identify tactics to work through the barriers.

- Participants will develop strategies to employ cultural humility in client engagement and delivery to reduce bias, disparities, and discrimination in the case process.

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