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Diagnosis vs. Abilities

About the Course

Participants will: understand a child’s diagnosis does not determine the extent of his/her abilities and will gain knowledge on how to capitalize on those abilities a child possesses, will learn how to advocate for their children in the school system, with physicians, therapists, and employers.

Learning Objectives

1. The parent or caregiver understands the importance of using techniques such as teaching, modeling, coaching, and positive reinforcement to help prepare children for independent living.

2. The parent or caregiver will understand the importance of acting as a “cheerleader” for a child in care to increase accomplishments.

3. The parent or caregiver will understand how his/her expectations impact upon the accomplishments of a child in care and the responsiveness of professionals.

4. The parent or caregiver will be familiar with the Americans With Disabilities Act and the importance of this Act in employment issues.

5. The parent or caregiver is familiar with the primary stages and milestones of normal physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development in children and youth.

6. The parent or caregiver can contribute to the development of case plans that address developmental problems and can access developmental assessment or services for a child in care.

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