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Effectively Working with CASA/GALs

About the Course

According to the National CASA Association CASA/GAL volunteers are trained to understand the impact of trauma on children. They spend time with children and the people in their lives. They talk to service providers, teachers, and social workers to gather information that will help them make informed recommendations to the court. Based on what they learn, volunteers also advocate for services that promote healing and help children develop resilience without causing additional trauma. They encourage services that strengthen parents’ relationships with their children.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will understand the Mission of National & Local CASA organizations.

2. Participants will understand CASA definition of “best interest of the child”.

3. Participants will understand Guardian Roles & Responsibilities.

4. Participants will understand Relationship with Children & Parents.

5. Participants will understand Relationship with CW’s, legal personnel & other stakeholders.

6. Participants will understand Areas of Collaboration.

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