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Emotional Intelligence for Educators

About the Course

Emotional Intelligence is a type of intelligence where the focus is on the ability to read the emotions of others, while we understand, use and regulate our own emotions.  This type of intelligence has been found to improve our job performance, allows better teaming with others, helps with stress reduction and is linked to greater mental health.

In a post-pandemic Educational environment, empowering school staff with this type of intelligence is an imperative.  To maintain a competitive advantage and ensure our students are adequately supported, it is paramount that school staff get the tools and support they need to continue to be productive at work while their psychological, emotional and social wellness is under attack. 

The Emotional Intelligence for Educators workshop is designed specifically for America’s most resilient professionals – our school faculty, staff and administrators.  Participants are empowered and inspired to use emotional intelligence to support themselves, each other and the students they serve.  They'll learn strategies to develop emotional intelligence that is easy to follow, simple to maintain and supports them to manage negative emotions, practice empathy, manage stress and harness resilience.  

Learning Objectives

1. Define emotional intelligence and understand its four key attributes.

2. Assess their current level of emotional intelligence and identity areas for improved growth and development.

3. Implement strategies to develop emotional intelligence in our daily lives through managing negative emotions & language, practicing empathy, managing stress and harnessing resilience.

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