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Emotional Permanence for Kids in Care

About the Course

Youth thrive when they experience permanence - having strong, secure relationships that they can count on. There are two types of permanence - legal placement where an adult has a legal right to a child and the other is emotional permanence. Emotional permanence is where youth in care have appropriate, positive connections to adults who support them in a way that elicits feelings of continuity, stability, and belonging.

This workshop offers strategies to help youth maintain connections with important adults in their lives while they are in foster care to support felt safety and well-being.

Learning Objectives

1) Define Emotional Permanence and the importance of it to youth in care and those that can provide emotional permanence.

2) Explain the role of CPS in providing permanence for youth.

3) Define & Understand Kinship and list the benefits to youth

4) Know ways to support Youth in developing/maintaining emotional permanence with a wide range of people

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