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Getting Teens Ready for the World of Work

About the Course

Transitioning to the adult world of work can be one of the biggest challenges facing teenagers.  For youth in the foster care system, the challenges can be even more daunting.  Among the biggest hurdles is finding living wage employment with former foster youth who have aged out of the system experiencing an unemployment rate of 47% (University of Chicago). The better prepared our youth are before they leave the system, the greater chance they have for obtaining and maintaining gainful employment.  This workshop empowers caregivers with the skills to help teens, especially those in the foster care system, to prepare for a successful transition to independence and the world of work.  

Learning Objectives

1) Participants will understand the need to prepare youth to transition to the world of work while youth are still in care.

2) Describe various types of career assessment and exploration activities and experiences to help youth gain early exposure to the world of work.

3) Use normalcy as a pathway to create opportunities for youth to gain and practice key job skills.

4) List strategies to help youth develop resumes, understanding the application process and interview practice.

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