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Giving Yourself A Tune-Up: Keeping Your Mind, Body & Spirit In Mission-Ready Condition

About the Course

When we fail to perform proper maintenance on our vehicles, the repair costs are often tremendous.  The same occurs when we don’t properly care for ourselves.  With inadequate personal maintenance, we often pay high costs in terms of our happiness at work, our personal health or even our long-term success.  

In this workshop, participants will develop their own preventative maintenance plans.  They’ll learn how to perform regular “tune-up” exercises, making them less susceptible to delays and breakdowns while traveling on the journey to pursue their company’s vision and living their personal mission.  Participants will leave with a system to reconnect with their passion for their work, live life on purpose and adequately care for the business’ most precious resource – their employees. 

Learning Objectives

1. Learners will reconnect with their desire for work in social services and be able to articulate the value they provide to clients, coworkers and the community.

2. Learners will understand the cost to themselves, their family, their clients, their coworkers and their community when they fail to care for themselves holistically.

3. Learners will develop strategies to maintain a positive attitude and outlook on their work and life outside of work.

4. Learners will develop their personalized plan to reconnect with their passion for their work and proactively care for themselves in the process.

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