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Hard Target: Keeping Kids S.A.F.E. in Cyberspace

About the Course

Other than sleeping, or spending time in school, the single most time consuming activity for young people is being online. Recent studies show a 17 percent increase in screen use among teens and tweens in the last two years — more than in the four years prior. Collaborative learning and digital literacy are all important benefits that come from young people spending time online. However, there are challenges to be aware of as young people spend more time connected online.

Online bullying, sexual solicitation and gang/cult/hate group recruitment are but a few of the dangers that await young people and can put them at risk while they're online. To keep young people safe, this course helps adults create a cyber safety plan for the young people they support that balances access to the technology with safety and protection.

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss the importance of caregivers being involved in young peoples' cyber lives.

2. Outline specific online dangers to young people in cyberspace.

3. Discover various cyber safety strategies that empower young people to stay safe when they are online.

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