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Helping Teens Build Resilience: Bouncing Back from Drama and Trauma

About the Course

Covid-19 has been the most disruptive force in education in the past 100 years, the effects of which will have long-term impacts on an entire generation of young people.  While new research considers how education can emerge stronger as a result of COVID-19, we believe that by giving teens the gift of resilience, they can grow stronger in the process.

This workshop seeks to answer the question "what is resiliency and how can it help youth emerge from the perils of the pandemic?" Participants will discover the 7 components to resiliency and define ways that students benefit from them. Finally, workshop participants will uncover the barriers to becoming resilient and develop a plan to support the young adults we serve to develop the habits, attitude, and skill set it takes to become resilient.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will define the quality of resiliency and list the characteristics associated with being resilient.

2. Participants will learn and understand the process of resiliency and how to help teens overcome barriers to developing and maintaining resilience.

3. Participants will develop strategies to help today’s youth develop resiliency in a post-COVID world.

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