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Iron Will Wellness

About the Course

Long before the pandemic, chronic stress was a national epidemic. The pandemic has brought about new stressors that impact employees and the clients they serve. Due to drastic changes in daily routines, financial stress and uncertainty, Americans report experiencing increased anxiety, fear, loneliness, sadness, and grief. Left unchecked, this can lead to depression, PTSD, substance misuse, child/spousal abuse, and suicide.

Workshop participants will be able to identify symptoms connected to various types of trauma and the barriers which often prevent people from seeking support. Participants will also learn the value of and effective strategies for maintaining strong mental health. Finally, participants will be empowered with effective self-care habits and a system for permanently integrating them into their daily routine.

Learning Objectives

1) Participants will understand the dimensions of wellness and its particular importance for social work professionals.

2) Participants will understand the unique challenges of achieving mental health wellness in the COVID-era.

3) Participants will assess their current level of self-care.

4) Participants will develop effective strategies for maintaining strong mental health and a system for permanently integrating these strategies into their daily routine.

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