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Keepin' It In The Family: The Unique Issues of Kinship Care

About the Course

Being a Kinship parent can be extremely challenging. Often because it can stir up a family’s already dysfunctional ways of interacting with each other. Kinship care also means a change in roles; I’m a grandmother but now I’m the mom. This change in roles can add to the difficulty of adjustment for the child, youth, and caregiver. This workshop will explore ways to move through the maze of adjustment for the benefit of everyone.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will know the legal differences between kinship care and adoption.

2. Participants will know the unique issues that face kinship caregivers such as grief, loss, shame, guilt, and changing family relationships.

3. Participants will know the ramifications of the change in role to kinship parent or adoptive parent.

4. Participants will know to explore the importance of and develop the ability to identify and build, formal and informal support systems outside of the agency.

5. Participants will know service providers who can assist with the adjustments.

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