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Leading through Change

About the Course

While change is vital to the success of any organization's goals and mission, in the helping professions, the stakes are even higher.  Our ability to manage change has a direct impact on the safety and well-being of those we serve.  Over the past two years, helping professionals have continued to serve at the highest levels, through compounding issues requiring great change to the way we work, interact and serve.  They have watched their community and coworkers suffer, while experiencing their own pandemic-related challenges.  Though battle-worn, helping professionals have responded in excellence, with heart and resilience.  Even still, new changes that threaten their resolve are just around the corner.

Leading through Change is an interactive workshop designed specifically for administrators and leaders in education, social services and health care.  Participants will be empowered and inspired to lead their teams through change – whether the change is planned or unplanned – while they process the changes for themselves.  They'll learn a change-management system that is easy to follow, simple to maintain and supports them becoming better leaders, encouraging the best from their teams and providing optimal outcomes for the communities they serve. 

No matter if the change is a deadly pandemic, a public outcry for justice, economic challenges or even changes to public laws, Leading through Change will help goverment, non-profit and social services leaders uncover and practice a system that will enable them to lead their team and themselves through any change that may come their way. 

Learning Objectives

1. Utilize effective tools to enhance employee engagement.

2. Practice implementing a clear strategy to lead through any change.

3. Learn to create value for their department by growing and developing their people.

4. Develop a support system for the leader and their team.

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