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Lessons in Microaggressions

About the Course

Microaggressions are verbal, behavioral or environmental slights or insults directed towards others. Whether said intentionally or unintentionally, microaggressions communicate an underlying hostility or negative attitude based upon a dimension of the person's diversity. Even those of us who are committed to diversity and equality can unknowingly say or do something that communicates a microaggression, even to people we know and like.

Often referred to as "death by a thousand cuts," the research is clear: adults are deeply affected by experiencing microaggressions. When done to a child, however, a microaggression can have an impact that reverberates throughout their life and can forever change the way that child sees themself and their world.

This workshop examines microaggressions in settings that service children, be it schools, hospitals, clinics, social service offices or even within a foster home. We will also understand the root cause of microaggressions and discuss its impact on both the children and the co-workers who serve them. Participants will also learn strategies to reduce the use of microaggressions, as well as how to effectively respond if they become the witness or victim to them.

Learning Objectives

- Participants will develop the ability to identify and recognize verbal, behavioral, and environmental microaggressions in settings that serve children.

- Participants will recognize and analyze the root causes and pervasive impact of microaggressions on children and coworkers, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved.

- Participants will demonstrate the use of practical strategies to proactively reduce the occurrence of microaggressions in the professional setting, enhancing interpersonal dynamics within the workplace.

- Participants will develop the skills to respond effectively when encountering or witnessing microaggressions, promoting a culture of empathy, respect, and inclusivity in their respective roles.

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