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Narrative Healing: Empowerment Through Storytelling

About the Course

Kiser, Baumgardener, and Dorado (2010) explain that “stories are used to organize, predict, and understand the complexities of our lived experiences. Noted communication scholar and folklorist, SunWolf (2005),  points out “West African folklore in which the healers ask the sick,…When was the last time that you shared a story?”  Ongoing research and public discourse, such as conversations between bell hooks and Dr. Cornel West, continue to explore the nuanced ways in which narrative approaches contribute to healing across different populations and conditions.

The course "Narrative Healing: Empowerment Through Storytelling" provides a holistic understanding of the power of storytelling for healing and empowerment, while also offering practical skills that participants can apply in their personal and professional lives. 

Learning Objectives

1. Understand how narrative expression can contribute to individual and collective healing, promoting mental well-being and resilience.

2. Provide practical skills in constructing and aiding others to construct compelling stories that reflect personal strengths, growth, and resilience.

3. Develop participants' skills in crafting narratives that resonate with others, promoting understanding and a sense of shared humanity.

4. Explore examples of how narratives can challenge societal norms, raise awareness, and contribute to positive transformation on a broader scale.

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