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Normalcy and The Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard

About the Course

Recent research reveals that Youth in Foster Care often miss out on age appropriate opportunities to build relationships and develop social skills. This workshop deals with methods to help balance foster care rules and safety with the need for normalcy.  We will discuss the new Normalcy Law and strategies on how to help Youth make responsible choices and enjoy the freedoms of typical teens such as driving, school sports and clubs, time with friends, managing personal finances, getting a job, social networking. The ultimate goal is to help your become healthy, independent and contributing member of our community and develop life skills. 

Learning Objectives

1. Define the Normalcy and the Prudent Standard as it applies to Child Welfare Team Members – Youth, Birth Parents, Caregivers, and Agency Staff.

2. Apply reasonable and prudent standard using Ohio’s six factors to consider when applying the standard.

3. Use a logical decision-making process to determine if an activity, experience, or outing is appropriate for a particular child in care.

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