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Practice in Action: Supporting Trauma-Exposed Youth

About the Course

Youth who experience traumatic events such as physical or sexual abuse, domestic, community or school violence, and other traumatic losses and experiences are shown to have severe impediments to education and learning. Trauma-exposed youth often have lower grades, excessive suspensions and expulsions, higher levels of aggression, assaultive and disruptive behaviors, as well as increased substance misuse. Given the researchers believe that anywhere from 30-75% of all youth experience some form of trauma, school teachers, staff, and administrators must be empowered to support trauma-exposed students in order to achieve the school’s mission.

In part 2 of our trauma series, the workshop Practice in Action: Supporting Trauma-Exposed Youth, moves beyond understanding and helps teachers and school staff understand what they can do to actually support students who have been exposed to trauma. In this advanced workshop, staff are empowered with tools they can use to support students. Next, staff are challenged to practice strategies that will support students through relational security, trauma-sensitive crisis management, self-regulation, and creating self-mastery experiences. Finally, participants will work to create an action plan that will ensure that they identify, connect, and support youth suffering after a traumatic event.

Learning Objectives

Participants will understand the impact trauma has on youth.
Participants will practice self de-escalation techniques.
Participants will learn strategies to support the student in healthy coping mechanism.

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