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Presuming Competence: How Do You Know That They Can’t Do It?

About the Course

This workshop focuses on the belief that every child is capable of being included in learning regardless of neurodiversity or disability.  Topics include growth/inclusive mindset in an educational system, modifications and adaptations to learning standards for neurodiverse children K-12, and tools and strategies to support educational competence.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will understand the positive implications for a growth/inclusive mindset in an educational system.

2. Participants will learn the “least dangerous assumption” and how it relates to learning expectations.

3. Participants will learn modifications and adaptations that make learning accessible for children with neurodiversity.

4. Participants will learn how to use tools and strategies that benefit learning accessibility and engagement.

5. Participants will learn the benefits of inclusive learning for all children, both with and without neurodiversity or disability.

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