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The Dangerous Games Kids Play

About the Course

This workshop aims to provide foster parents with a comprehensive understanding of the dangerous games that have emerged among today's youth. The workshop will delve into the nature of these challenges, including the "Backpack Challenge," "Blue Whale Challenge," Knife Song Challenge, "Fire Challenge," "Condom Challenge," "Eraser Challenge," "Game of 72," and the "Choking Game." While these activities may appear to be harmless or fun, they often involve violence, risky stunts, sexual activity, or drug and alcohol abuse, posing serious threats to children's physical and emotional well-being.  Throughout the workshop, foster parents will explore the motivations behind youth engagement in these challenges, emphasizing the importance of peer influence and the desire to fit in. By understanding these underlying factors, foster parents can better comprehend the attraction these challenges hold for children and adolescents. The workshop will also focus on equipping foster parents with practical steps to keep their children safe. Foster parents will learn effective communication strategies to engage in open dialogues with their children about these challenges. They will also receive guidance on setting clear boundaries, educating children about the potential dangers and consequences, and fostering an environment that encourages honesty and trust.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the nature and risks of dangerous games among today's youth.

2. Recognize the motivations and peer influence behind youth engagement in these challenges.

3. Equip foster parents with practical steps to keep children safe and foster open communication.

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