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The Hidden Self: Exploring Implicit Bias

About the Course

We are biased almost from birth.  It is often difficult to believe or accept that bias is a natural human behavior.  Even the most well-intentioned among us – those who ardently disapprove of treating people differently based upon superficial factors – can unknowingly harbor implicit bias.  Implicit bias is particularly dangerous when it negatively impacts those who rely on us to provide them with various human services.   

This workshop challenges helping professionals to examine their own implicit biases which can influence engagement, decisions and actions impacting the families and communities we serve.  We will also learn strategies to limit and manage our biases in our work.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will define and understand implicit bias.

2. Participants will understand the challenges and potential effects of implicit bias in the workplace.

3. Participants will assess and determine implicit biases they may possess.

4. Participants will use strategies to help cleanse implicit bias.

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