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Time & Stress Management in Foster Care

About the Course

In the demanding realm of foster care, where the well-being of vulnerable children is at stake, the significance of effective time and stress management cannot be overstated. Given the multifaceted responsibilities of foster caregivers and staff, the impact of time and stress management reverberates through every facet of care. The welfare of our children hinges on the well-being and effectiveness of those entrusted with their care. When stress goes unmanaged, and time is not optimized, the consequences can be dire.

The course, "Time & Stress Management in Foster Care," has been thoughtfully designed to address the unique challenges faced by caregivers and agency staff working tirelessly to support these children. Throughout this workshop, participants will gain the vital skills needed to manage time and stress effectively within the challenging field of foster care. By assessing and prioritizing their stress management, recognizing and combating stress symptoms, optimizing time usage, and implementing strategies for effective time and stress management, foster care teams will not only enhance their own well-being but also significantly improve the care and support they provide to the foster children in their homes or on their caseloads.

Learning Objectives

Participants will assess their level of stress management, identify and prioritize areas where they wish to improve.

Participants will recognize symptoms of stress and burnout and identify the five forms of psychological stress.

Participants will analyze how they currently spend time and identify areas where they could spend time in a way that better aligns with their goals.

Participants will evaluate various strategies to manage time and stress more effectively and select those they believe will help them achieve work objectives while prioritizing personal wellness.

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