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Understanding Culture and Diversity

About the Course

This workshop aims to provide foster parents with a comprehensive understanding of culture and diversity dynamics. This workshop focuses on defining culture, exploring its dynamic qualities, and examining the relationship between diversity and culture. Participants will gain knowledge on how to create a home environment in which all cultures are respected and valued, and diversity is honored. Foster parents will learn practical strategies to foster cultural sensitivity, promote inclusivity, and ensure the well-being of children from diverse cultural backgrounds in their care.  By the end of the workshop, Foster Parents  will acquire practical strategies to create a home environment that respects and values all cultures, promotes inclusivity, and ensures the well-being of children from diverse backgrounds in their care. This workshop will empower foster parents to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity, fostering a nurturing environment where every child feels respected, valued, and honored.

Learning Objectives

1. Define culture and its dynamics: Participants will gain a clear understanding of culture and explore how it influences individual and group identities.

2. Explore the relationship between diversity and culture: Foster parents will examine how diverse identities intersect with cultural backgrounds and gain empathy towards children from diverse backgrounds.

3. Promote respect and dignity for all cultures: Participants will learn strategies to celebrate diversity, foster cultural sensitivity, and ensure children from diverse backgrounds feel valued in their foster home.

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