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Understanding Human Trafficking

About the Course

Human trafficking, a pervasive and harrowing global issue, leaves a profound impact on its victims, often robbing them of their freedom and dignity. In the course, "Understanding Human Trafficking," participants will confront the stark reality of this pervasive problem and embark on a journey to make a difference. Developed specifically for foster caregivers and caseworkers, this course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to comprehend the complexities of human trafficking, particularly for the vulnerable youth in our foster care system. 

Through this course, participants will learn to identify the signs of trafficking, especially in children, and acquire the expertise to offer unwavering support to survivors, aiding in their path to recovery and restoration.  Participants will leave this course ready to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the fight against human trafficking.

Learning Objectives

Participants will define the illegal trade of human trafficking.

Participants will identify the signs that a child may have been or is currently being trafficked.

Participants will demonstrate the various ways to support a victim of human trafficking.

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