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Understanding Ohio Foster Youth Rights

About the Course

Authentic youth engagement is where youth work in partnership with the adults who support them. Engaged youth who are allowed to make decisions, have a say in their lives and are taught to self-advocate are better able to develop life skills (Children’s Bureau, 2019). To be engaged and empowered, youth in the foster care system must understand their rights within that system.

This workshop explores the 13 Codified Rights that youth in foster care have in the State of Ohio. In addition, this workshop provides strategies for adults serving youth in foster care (caregivers, CASA/GAL, social workers, etc.) to empower youth to understand their own rights and learn skills for self-advocacy. Finally, workshop participants will learn ways to better advocate for the youth they serve across various systems including child welfare, education, and mental health.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the need for rights for youth in care.
2. Know the origins of Ohio Foster Youth Rights and the intersection with the Normalcy & Prudent Parent Standard Law.
3. List the 13 rights of Ohio Foster Youth Rights per the O.A.C. (5101:2-5-35) – Children’s Rights
4. Know ways to advocate and support youth in care to ensure they know and maintain their rights.

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