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Understanding Reactive Attachment Disorder

About the Course

Reactive Attachment Disorder is a mental health disorder in which the child is unable to form healthy relationships, particularly with their primary caregiver. Behaviors associated with a child experiencing RAD will likely have a devastating effect on the entire family.  While RAD is a complex and serious condition, when parents and caregivers can understand the potential signs and symptoms, they can begin to seek and advocate for the treatment and support the child needs.  Early intervention can help put the child on the path to healthy relationships and improve their emotional and social wellbeing.

This course provides an introductory overview of Reactive Attachment Disorder and emphasizes the importance of early intervention to improve the child's emotional and social wellbeing.  In addition, participants will walk away with additional strategies to support children with RAD and more importantly where to turn for the additional support Caregivers and children will need.

Learning Objectives

1) Participants will define Reactive Attachment Disorder in Youth

2) Participants will list the characteristics of children with RAD

3) Participants will use strategies to support children with RAD and advocate for across systems

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