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Watch What They P.L.A.Y.: Media Violence and Delinquency

About the Course

Child delinquents are juvenile offenders under age 13 and account for 1in 12 juvenile arrests for violent crime (U.S. Department of Justice). Victims of maltreatment have a 47% higher delinquency rate than non-maltreated youth (Child Welfare League). Youth violence is the result of the comingling of nature (traits the child was born with) and nurture (what the child was exposed to). This workshop discusses violent media as one of the risk factors to child delinquency and suggestions for social workers on therapeutic approaches with counselors, effective collaboration with teachers on classroom behavior management and tips for caregivers on increasing protective factors in the home and community to help mitigate the long term effects of violent media exposure.

Learning Objectives

More details coming soon!

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