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Workplace Wellness Series

About the Course

To maintain your company's competitive advantage in a post-pandemic world, it is paramount that employees get the support they need to continue to be productive at work. The psychological, emotional and social wellness of our workforce is under attack as they witness clients, co-workers and their community struggle. All of this while they simultaneously experience their own personal pandemic-related challenges.   This stress hinders problem solving, decision making and critical thinking — putting your organization and its mission further at risk in an already tenuous economic environment.  

The four-part Workplace Wellness Series provides your organization with the knowledge, tools and support people need to power personal and organizational success.  Whether taken as a series or an individual course, the goal is to help participants recognize that their personal wellbeing is an important component of their organization’s success. Session 1 - Iron Will Wellness

Participants will be able to identify symptoms connected to various types of trauma and the barriers which often prevent people from seeking support.  Participants will also learn the value of and effective strategies for maintaining strong mental health.  Finally, participants will be empowered with effective self care habits and a system for permanently integrating them into their daily routine.

Session 2 - Combatting Compassion Fatigue

Participants will learn to develop and strengthen an organizational culture that collectively combats compassion fatigue.  Participants will leave armed with their organization’s Power 5 Plan - the 5 daily workplace habits that lead to the psychological, emotional and social wellness required for continued success.

Session 3 - Overcoming Critical Incident Stress

Participants learn signs and symptoms of critical incident stress, effective strategies to implement at the onset of a critical incident as well as various long-term coping mechanisms.  Finally, participants will leave the workshop empowered with effective self care routines that will support their ongoing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Session 4 - Giving Yourself a Tune-Up:  Keeping Your Mind, Body & Spirit in Mission-Ready Condition

Participants will develop their own "preventative maintenance plans".  They’ll learn how to perform regular “Tune-Up” exercises, making them less susceptible to delays and breakdowns while traveling on the journey to pursue their organization’s vision while living their personal mission.  Participants will leave with a system to reconnect with their passion for their work , live life on purpose and adequately care for the agency's most precious resource—themselves.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the importance of maintaining their own personal wellness for themselves, their family and the community they serve.

2. Recognize the dynamics of various forms of stress and trauma and how it adversely impacts job performance and workplace morale.

3. Develop skills to identify if they or a team member may be suffering from various types of stress and trauma.

4. Learn the system for creating an individualized mitigation plan that offers practical support for combatting stress and fatigue.

5. Practice the skills to cultivate a culture of psychological, emotional and social wellness for themselves, their co-workers and team members.

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