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School Avoidance

Cracking the C.O.D.E.: Unraveling School Avoidance for School Staff & Faculty

Dive into the complexities of school avoidance with "Cracking the C.O.D.E," a comprehensive guide designed specifically for school staff and faculty. This essential resource unfolds in three transformative parts.

Part 1 features two dynamic live virtual workshops, beginning with "Understanding School Avoidance," where participants gain critical insights into the root causes and psychological underpinnings of this pervasive issue. The second workshop, "Engaging and Supporting Youth," equips educators with practical strategies to foster student engagement and provide meaningful support.

Part 2 offers a suite of digital learning modules, allowing for flexible, self-paced exploration of the key concepts and methods discussed in the workshops.

Part 3 rounds out the program with personalized 1-to-1 live virtual coaching sessions, providing tailored guidance and solutions to address individual challenges and foster a more supportive learning environment.

Discover the comprehensive course details by downloading the PDF of the Course Description below. This guide provides all the information you need to understand and participate in "Cracking the C.O.D.E: Unraveling School Avoidance for School Staff & Faculty."


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