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Bianca Marie Badong

Senior Learning Development Coordinator - Corporate & Social Services.

Bianca is an extraordinary Filipino full-time freelancer who exudes brilliance in her various professional endeavors. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship from the prestigious Universidad de Sta. Isabel in the Philippines, a testament to her strong educational foundation.

Throughout her career, Bianca has excelled in multiple roles, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. As a graphic designer, she effortlessly transforms ideas into captivating visual masterpieces, breathing life into every project she undertakes. Additionally, Bianca has proven her exceptional skills as a virtual assistant, providing invaluable support to her clients with unwavering dedication and precision.

Not only is Bianca an accomplished freelancer, but she is also a virtual assistant coach, sharing her expertise and empowering others to achieve their professional goals. Her passion for uplifting and guiding aspiring virtual assistants is palpable, as she wholeheartedly invests in their success and growth.

Beyond her freelance work, Bianca has made significant contributions as a part of the Presidential Consultants team. Since 2022, she has served as a Learning Development Coordinator and an Event Producer, demonstrating her exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills. In this role, Bianca manages customer, partner, and team email concerns, handles databases, oversees calendars, conducts meetings, and facilitates training sessions for the firm. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures the smooth and timely delivery of customized learning solutions while providing unparalleled customer service to partners.

Bianca's creativity is an inherent part of her being, continuously fascinating her since her earliest memories. Her ability to think outside the box and generate innovative ideas sets her apart in any project she undertakes. Combined with her charismatic and compassionate nature, she effortlessly connects with people, making her a truly remarkable listener and an invaluable team player.

In summary, Bianca is a shining star in the world of freelancing and beyond. Her creative prowess, unwavering passion, captivating charisma, and genuine compassion make her an exceptional professional. With her strong commitment to excellence and remarkable ability to deliver outstanding results, Bianca continues to inspire and uplift those around her.

Bianca Marie Badong
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