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Junaid Malik

Digital Content Manager

Muhammad Junaid (Junaid Malik) is an accomplished Physics teacher and talented part-time freelancer residing in the vibrant city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. With a profound passion for his subject, Junaid holds a Master's degree in Physics from the esteemed Islamia University of Bahawalpur and imparts his knowledge at a local college, inspiring and guiding young minds.
Beyond his role as an educator, Junaid has harnessed his creative flair and entrepreneurial spirit to embark on a successful journey as an online graphic designer and content manager. For over two years, he has been captivating audiences with his captivating designs and thoughtfully curated content.
Adding to his achievements, Junaid proudly contributes his expertise as a valued member of the Presidential Consultants team, assuming the role of a content manager in 2021. Within this esteemed position, he showcases his versatility and ingenuity by creating an array of captivating content, ranging from visually stunning graphics to meticulously crafted presentations and insightful guidebooks. Junaid's dedication to his craft and commitment to excellence shines through in every project he undertakes, leaving a lasting impact on the firm and its clients.
With his multifaceted skill set, unwavering dedication, and innate ability to merge the realms of physics and design, Muhammad Junaid (Junaid Malik) exemplifies the epitome of a modern-day Renaissance professional, bringing beauty and innovation to the realm of education, freelance work, and content creation.

Junaid Malik
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