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DJ Nicholson


DJ Nicholson is a seasoned educational trainer and coach and works with education

professionals who support children with varying abilities. She has a life-long passion for

ensuring that children with disabilities are engaged and supported in the most inclusive

environment possible. Her passion for this work began in her childhood when she was on the elementary school playground; she experienced the segregation of other children with

disabilities and has made it her mission to educate on the necessity of meaningful inclusion in schools. DJ’s training super powers include creating authentic connections with participants, building in opportunities to collaborate and problem-solve, and delivering information in a manner that is engaging and fun. In addition to training school communities in inclusive practices, she coaches parents and teachers of children with disabilities in making learning accessible, engaging and flexible. When she is not working on her career passions, she is volunteering with a pug rescue group, mentoring young teachers, and doing yoga!

DJ Nicholson
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