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LaToya Logan, LISW-S

Senior Trainer

Nationally recognized speaker, trainer and prevention advocate, LaToya Logan MSSA LISW-S specializes in trauma, cultural inclusivity, and recovery practices as the means to foster sustained independence for young adults. LaToya is often asked to speak to schools, social service agencies and even police organizations across the US and provide expert testimony and counsel drawing upon over a decade of experience as a clinical social worker and trauma therapist as well as advanced research conducted at Case Western Reserve University.

LaToya serves on the Cleveland Community Police Commission, where she is actively working towards police reform with a focus on accountability and transformational change. As Commissioner, the twice-elected co-chair also serves on the Accountability Committee and is the training review liaison to the Cleveland Division of Police. The Detroit native and community empowerment advocate is currently based in Ohio.

LaToya Logan, LISW-S
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