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Lucas Tindell

Senior Trainer

Lucas Tindell is an author, public speaker, trainer and business and life coach. He has spent over ten years working in key leadership positions, focusing not only on organizational development but primarily on the development of people. He now serves as a leadership development consultant working with global leaders to identify strengths and areas of development for sustainable growth and improvement. Lucas also has over ten years of experience as a public speaker and trainer. He has worked with private and government agencies to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for lasting success.

Lucas is highly regarded for his ability to simplify life’s most difficult problems and help people reach the success that has often eluded them. Whether he is facilitating a training for a large group, or giving one-on-one advice, Lucas focuses on helping people connect the dots between what they want and what it takes to achieve it. Through the use of various facilitation methods, engaging materials, and relevant data, individuals have gained valuable insights that were instantly applicable.

Lucas is also known for his exuberant delivery style in which he engages the audience with enthusiasm, passion, and purpose from start to finish. Using interactive activities, role plays, and true stories, Lucas is able to paint memorable pictures that create an ongoing frame of reference. By continuing to build on his own knowledge base, he continues to be highly effective at breaking down concepts typically seen as vague or complex theories.

Lucas received his Bachelor of Arts degree in organizational management from Malone University. His previous studies as well as his continued academic pursuits have allowed him to stay on the cutting edge of contemporary thinking in the area of leadership development.

Lucas Tindell
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