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Drop Those R.O.C.K.S: A Workplace Wellness Retreat

About the Course

Drop Those R.O.C.K.S: A Workplace Wellness Retreat is an engaging  and enjoyable experience that helps build healthier, more productive and connected workplaces.  This retreat provides your staff an opportunity to:

- be celebrated for their resilience through the challenges posed by the pandemic,

- reaffirm their commitment to your organization's mission 

- reconnect with their co-workers as well as their own person ‘why’ for choosing their work.  

This work will help them to "drop" or release mindsets or habits that would prevent them from serving clients or consumers or living their own best lives.  

At the end of the day, you can expect them to walk away feeling less burdened,  more empowered and re-energized for the work that they do.

Learning Objectives

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