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Drop Those R.O.C.K.S:  A Workplace Wellness Retreat

From leadership development and diversity and inclusion to workplace wellness and safety, Presidential Consultants develops solutions that help your employees enjoy their jobs more and perform their work better.

The retreat

Cheering Crowd

Drop Those R.O.C.K.S: A Workplace Wellness Retreat is an engaging  and enjoyable experience that helps build healthier, more productive and connected workplaces.  This retreat provides your staff an opportunity to:

- be celebrated for their resilience through the challenges posed by the pandemic,

- reaffirm their commitment to your organization's mission 

- reconnect with their co-workers as well as their own person ‘why’ for choosing their work.  


This work will help them to "drop" or release mindsets or habits that would prevent them from serving clients or consumers or living their own best lives.  


At the end of the day, you can expect them to walk away feeling less burdened,  more empowered and re-energized for the work that they do.

Thinking of Ideas

This work helps your staff

  • Get their feelings out in a cathartic way

  • Create a plan for supporting both the organization's mission and their personal goals

  • Reconnect with their own personal why for choosing the work and the organization 

  • Refill their ‘cups’ by learning strategies to support their own mental and emotional health


Why a wellness retreat

To maintain your organization's competitive advantage in a post-pandemic world, it is paramount that employees get the support they need to continue to be productive at work.  The psychological, emotional and social wellness of our work force is under attack as they witness clients, co-workers and their community struggle. All of this while they simultaneously experience their own personal pandemic-related challenges.  

This stress hinders problem solving, decision making and critical thinking — putting your organization and its mission further at risk in an already tenuous economic environment.

Organizations that invest in the mental health wellness of their employees are not only more attractive to top talent, they are seeing these investments pay off through the increased productivity and greater retention that come from having a happier, healthier workplace.

83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, with 25% saying their job is the number one stressor in their lives. About one million Americans miss work each day because of stress.

- American Institute of Stress

Stress at work


Retreat options

Drop Those R.O.C.K.S. is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization.  From a 2-hour virtual session to a 3-day in-person experience, this Retreat is offered in a variety of methods and modalities to meet your organizational needs.

  • In Person - Offsite Location - From 2 Hours up to 3 Days

  • In Person - Onsite Location - From 2 Hours up to 3 Days

  • Virtual - 2 - 4 hours

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