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Drop Those ROCKS for Schools

Drop Those R.O.C.K.S:
A Workplace Wellness Retreat

Discover a transformative journey with "Drop Those R.O.C.K.S: A Workplace Wellness Retreat," designed exclusively for school staff seeking renewal and empowerment. Celebrate resilience, reaffirm your commitment to education, and reconnect with your colleagues and personal motivations. This retreat liberates participants from limiting mindsets and habits, fostering growth, innovation, and student success.

Through cathartic experiences and personalized planning, attendees will emerge lighter, empowered, and revitalized, ready to navigate the demands of their profession with renewed vigor. Whether in-person or virtual, this customizable retreat ensures your staff refills their cups, supporting both organizational missions and personal well-being.

Download the detailed course description PDF to explore how 'Drop Those R.O.C.K.S: A Workplace Wellness Retreat' can empower your school staff and enhance workplace resilience and well-being.


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