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Unlock Transformational Learning with Our Foster Care Training Modules

Elevate Your Foster Care Staff and Caregiver Training with Ohio's #1 Human Services Training Provider


Presented by Anthony President,
Founder & CEO

Award-winning trainer and company founder Anthony President leads a team of therapists, counselors and other experts to bring on-demand, evidence-based learning to your agency.

Unlock Affordable Excellence


Welcome to Presidential Consultants, LLC, Ohio's #1 Human Services Training Provider.  We are dedicated to empowering foster care agencies like yours with comprehensive, accessible, and cost-effective training solutions.  Our on-demand, agency hosted and managed learning modules are tailored to meet your unique needs.

All You Need at Your Fingertips

Our extensive library of learning modules is designed to make staff and caregiver training a breeze. Each module, ranging from 45 to 75 minutes, includes:

  • Video Recording: Engaging and informative video content to facilitate learning.

  • Course Guidebook: A detailed guide to accompany the video, enhancing comprehension.

  • Course Learning Review Material: Tools to reinforce knowledge and measure progress.

Invest Wisely in Your Team

At just $150 per module, with a bonus free module when you purchase 4 modules at regular price, your unlimited use license offers an unbeatable value for your investment. Designed to meet Continuing Education Unit (CEU) standards, our modules ensure ongoing, cost-effective staff development and caregiver in-service training.  Say hello to cost-effective, sustainable learning available whenever is convenient for your staff and caregivers. 


Explore Our Diverse Course Selection

Our extensive course library covers a wide range of topics essential to foster care professionals. Here's a glimpse of what you'll find:​

  • What Does it Mean to be “Trauma-Informed”?

  • Trauma Triggers

  • The Trauma of Gun Violence

  • The Trauma of Poverty

  • The Trauma of Children Living Apart from Their Parents

  • Early Childhood Trauma Exposure

  • Understanding and Recognizing Child Traumatic Stress

  • Train the Trainer: Creating a Trauma-Informed Learning Environment

  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue

  • SOS: Recognizing the Symptoms of Stress in Yourself and Others

  • Understanding Critical Incident Stress

  • Early Indicators of PTSD in Adults

  • Understanding the Dimensions of Wellness

  • The Importance of Wellness in Your Work

  • Train the Trainer: Being a Wellness Champion at Work

  • A Vision for Diversity

  • The Value of Diversity: Best Practice. Best Ethics. Best Outcomes.

  • What is Culture?: The Impact of Culture on Me and Others

  • The Hidden Self: Exploring Implicit Bias

  • Death by a Thousand Cuts: Lessons in Microaggressions

  • The Cost of "-isms" on Kids

  • Trauma-Informed Parenting

  • Dangerous Games Kids Play

  • Keeping Them Safe in Cyberspace

  • Parent Teacher Relationships That Improve Student Outcomes

  • Involved Parents Produce Improved Schools

  • Promising Practices for Family and Community Involvement during High School

New courses are constantly being added and your will receive any future updates of modules you purchase!


Ready to Transform Your Foster Care Training?

Choose Presidential Consultants, LLC, as your on-demand training partner, and unlock a world of possibilities for your staff and caregivers. Empower your team to provide exceptional care with our affordable, ready-made, self-managed learning modules.

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