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The Impact of ‘-isms’ on Wellness at Work with Albert Gay and LaShonda Williamson Jennings

In this episode of the Walking in Wellness podcast, host Anthony President explores the profound impact of '-isms' on workplace wellness, joined by esteemed guest speakers Albert Gay and LaShonda Williamson-Jennings. LaShonda, co-director of the South-Southwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center Region 6, brings her expertise in cultural humility and trauma-informed prevention, while Albert Gay, a seasoned minister and Master Trainer, offers insights gleaned from years of community engagement and youth advocacy. Together, they delve into strategies for fostering inclusive, supportive environments and navigating the complexities of workplace dynamics.

Get ready for an insightful discussion as Albert and LaShonda share their experiences and expertise, shedding light on the importance of addressing '-isms' in promoting holistic well-being in the workplace. Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tools for creating environments where all individuals can thrive.

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