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Trauma Triggers with LaToya Logan

In this episode of the Walking in Wellness podcast, host Anthony President delves into the sensitive topic of trauma triggers, exploring their profound impact on mental and emotional well-being. Joined by esteemed guest speaker LaToya Logan, a seasoned speaker, trainer, and prevention advocate, listeners will gain invaluable insights into trauma, cultural inclusivity, and recovery practices.

Prepare to be enlightened as LaToya draws upon over a decade of experience as a clinical social worker and trauma therapist, offering expert testimony and practical counsel on navigating trauma triggers. Gain a deeper understanding of effective intervention strategies and discover how to cultivate a supportive environment for healing and wellness. Tune in and empower yourself with the knowledge to create a safer, more inclusive space for all. Are Trauma Triggers trying to keep you safe? Find out with Nationally recognized speaker, trainer and prevention advocate, LaToya Logan. Listen here:

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